We formed our California Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporation to deliver fair-priced Hemp products and to donate funds to help organizations meeting the needs of homeless students. My closest friends have been producing first-class Hemp products in California since 2015 and selling it online for typical retail prices. They appreciated our nonprofit concept, and now they place our Nonprofit Hemp label on their products.

For many years, I’ve been trying to help homeless students. I’ve made donations in Los Angeles when possible and worked with homeless students periodically. I’m a father of four children and a grandfather.

We have an experienced, dedicated team of professionals who are willing to work every day to donate as much as necessary to meet the needs of all homeless students in Los Angeles. We produce quality hemp products and have the ability to coordinate production and delivery on the scale required to accomplish our goals.

If Hemp-CBD buyers want to help us accomplish our goals, we will do so. We produce very good products and sell them at a fair price. Please join us in this worthy cause. Contact me any time.

Love from Marc Schechtman
(415) 684-9060